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Mariusz Michalewicz

Quest, Solutions Engineer, CEE

Solution Engineer for Microsoft Platform Management Quest Software solutions. Today, he is experienced administrator with many years of experience in the field of Microsoft technologies. He successfully helps organizations combine the world of business and IT in designing, implementing and maintaining solutions in the field of operating systems, servers, cloud services and the Office 365 platform.

  • Ako sa vám spí, keď Active Directory hrozby nespia? Ako pomáha Quest   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023

    Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing. Are you prepared?

    Since Active Directory provides authentication and authorization services for users and critical applications, a solid Active Directory recovery plan must be at the core of every ransomware defense strategy. Indeed, as one Gartner analyst notes, “The restore process from many well-documented ransomware attacks has been hindered by not having an intact Active Directory restore process."

    Gartner also states that you can "accelerate recovery from attacks by adding a dedicated tool for backup and recovery of Microsoft Active Directory.”

    Find out who Quest Software is, learn about our presence in Slovakia, and how we can help protect your Active Directory.

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