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Marián Puttera

Cisco Systems Slovakia, Regional Sales Leader
He graduated from the Department of Microelectronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University, specializing in Automated Design of Integrated Circuits. Until 1998, he worked as the technical and operational director of DNS at EuroTel. From 1999 to 2000, he managed the AT&T Global Network Services branch in Slovakia. Since 2000 he has been working for Cisco Systems Slovakia, for a large part of his professional career he has worked in the sector of telecommunications service providers as Area Sales Manager, since 2017 he has accepted the position of Public Sales Leader and since October 2021 he became Regional Sales Leader for Slovakia. To maintain his work and life balance, Marián enjoys sports, enjoys cycling, playing golf, is an avid chef and enjoys spending time with family and friends.
  • Modern and Secure Networks in Today's Digital and Hybrid World   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    MARIÁN PUTTERA, CISCO SYSTEMS SLOVENSKO: "A network and security architecture that securely and efficiently connects users to applications in the new hybrid world."

    The digital world and hybrid work environment we are currently creating with applications anywhere and users who want to access applications from anywhere requires a new perspective on how we design and solve networks, their security and how we are able to monitor them and react in case of threats or outages.

  • Digitization in education a little different   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2021: Ako sa stať najlepším?
    What makes Slovaks the best? It might seem like not much. And not at all in education, which lags behind in long-term results. Today we would like to introduce you to a technology that claims the opposite. We have proven that digitization in education is the future. We tested the fact that it works across all subjects in the most difficult subject - physical education. Can you imagine a full-fledged distance or hybrid teaching of mathematics? It's not technically complicated. But try to imagine a full-fledged teaching of physical or music education. That is already a real challenge. Cisco Webex Board technology combines innovative features such as an artificial intelligence system to suppress distracting sounds and enhance human speech. This convenience is very useful in a classroom full of sound noises. Voice control allows the gym teacher not to interrupt teaching but to pay full attention to the students. Thanks to the interactive whiteboard, it is possible to enter and annotate the presentation. In both distance and hybrid teaching, the biggest problem is that students do not participate in teaching. The result is declining attention, rapid fatigue and ultimately low efficiency of the teaching process. Cisco Webex Board technology fully engages students who are present in the classroom, as well as those connected remotely from home, in the teaching. This innovative technology has been used successfully for more than a year by the largest children's sports organization in Slovakia - O2 Matej Tóth Sports Academy. At the time of the pandemic, we brought together the Physical Education at Home program, which had more than 1 million views. This year we opened the first digital hybrid classroom at Radovan Kaufman Elementary School in Partizánské. Such classes should be in every school, not just the elementary school.
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