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Mária Voznická

Software 602 Ltd., Slovakia
  • 602XML - Modern solution for acquiring information   |   Kongres ITAPA 2007: Living Online

    Electronic circular flow of documents or electronic data collection including electronic signature develop extremely fast. Within international community the pressures on normalization and standardization of information technologies and procedures shall be increasingly emphasized in order to secure the compatibility of use of electronic signature in as large extent as possible. Capture of changes already in the phase of their preparation on behalf of timely legislative and technological implementation shall be important as well. Software602 brings up-to-date solution for electronic acquisition of information. Get familiarized with the product line 602XML and use the advantages and savings it brings. 602XML speaks XML language thus providing extraordinarily easy access to any information systems in the organization directly from the user computer

  • Modern Solution for e-Collection of Information via Standard XML. 602XML - Smart e-Form   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

    Electronic data exchange, especially e-Collection and e-Signature, are quickly developing. International community will continuously increase a pressure on standardization of information technologies and procedures in order to support the compatibility of e-Signature usage to maximum extent. It will be also necessary to track the changes already in preparation stage, so that the legislation and technological implementation will be timely. Software602 brings a modern solution for e-Collection of information. Get to know 602XML products and don‘t miss advantages and savings it brings. 602XML uses XML language and therefore it allows very easy access to various information systems in organizations directly from the user’s PC.

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