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Mária Chorváthová

Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia, specialist expert
After finishing her studies in special education at the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava, she started working at the Association for Assistance to People with Mental Disabilities, where she worked at a day rehabilitation centre for young adults with mental disabilities and also at the association's headquarters, where she had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of several projects aimed at the integration of people with mental disabilities into mainstream life. She has also worked as a lecturer for the staff of social institutions for people with intellectual disabilities. She led self-advocacy groups, did personal assistance and prepared citizens with disabilities for work in sheltered workshops and prepared clients for life in supported housing. Another part of her working life is connected with her work at the Department of Social Affairs at the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, where her agenda included, among other things, non-state social service facilities. After maternity leave, she started working at the Municipal Office in Senec as the head of the joint school office, which methodically managed and guided 12 school facilities under the jurisdiction of the town, seven municipalities (their school facilities), which belonged to the joint school office, while there were eleven other private school facilities on the territory of the town. This is also where its cooperation with ZMOS (Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia) began. Since 2022, she started working for ZMOS as a professional expert for education, social affairs, marginalised Roma communities and healthcare. 
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