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Liam Grover

Healthcare Technologies Institute & West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator, Director
Liam Grover is Professor in Biomaterials Science at the University of Birmingham. He is a materials scientist by training and completed his PhD in Birmingham before moving to McGill University (Montreal) to work as a CIHR skeletal health scholar. He returned to Birmingham in 2006 to establish a research group within the School of Chemical Engineering. He is expert in the interactions that occur between materials and biological environments, investigating how materials influence biology and vice-versa. He has developed innovative methods that allow for the structuring of ceramic and polymeric materials to significantly change their mechanical and release properties. He has published widely on the development of new materials to replace the function of tissues (more than 200 papers) and has filed more than twenty patents to protect technologies that range from osteogenic cements through to scar reducing dressings. He has given well over 50 invited talks outside the UK. Since starting his career, he has moved four technologies from concept through to clinical trial. Since returning to Birmingham, he has raised over £30m to fund his research on the development and translation of novel medical technologies (EPSRC, MRC, BBSRC, ERDF, EU, NC3Rs, NSFC – China, NIHR, RCDM, and industry) and is the Founder-Director of the Healthcare Technologies Institute, which works to help move novel technologies through the translational pipeline. He was recently elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences for his work in understanding the interfaces between materials and biological systems.
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in introducing new technologies to the market for modern healthcare?   |   Jarná ITAPA 2024
    In this presentation we will look at the main challenges associated with the implementation of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector in Brimingham (UK). It will introduce a programme that brings together a network of experts across industry, the NHS and universities, and how this programme is contributing to more effective technology transformation from concept to implementation. The programme uses a centrally coordinated, government-funded network, enabling better collaboration and speeding up the whole process of bringing new technologies to market. The presentation will provide an overview of how these initiatives are helping to overcome barriers and improve health services through innovation. Join this presentation to gain valuable insights on how new technologies can transform healthcare and what steps are needed to bring them to market successfully.
  • DISCUSSION "Acceleration of innovations in healthcare"   |   Jarná ITAPA 2024
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