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Lenka Usačevová

DXC Technology, IT solution architect

Lenka Usačevová joined DXC Technology Slovakia in 2006 and as an IT solution architect is focused on designing and delivering solutions for the Financial Services sector. Her role consists of analyzing client business requirements, designing business processes, functional and technical features of the solution delivered - new banking applications, process integration and data reporting and analysis solutions for our clients in Slovakia. Before joining DXC, Lenka had worked on several application development projects for various banks in Czech Republic.She is a Prince2 certified practitioner and ITIL v3 certified.

  • Instant payments TIPS and mobile eID of a citizen   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2018: Hacking the Future

    How could effective public administration work in the future, in particular in the field of charging and reimbursement for the services provided? On 30 November 2018 will launch the new payment platform, the Target Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) across Europe. Instant payments TIPS made in real-time, with availability 24 hours a day have the potential to replace cash and checks. During the presentation, you will learn how could work an instant payment to an organization that has opened bank account at the Treasury. The advantage of instant TIPS payments is, in addition to processing in the real-time, also low transaction costs, what can result in considerable savings to the state and the public administration.

    As a further concrete vision of the future functioning of the efficient public administration, we will introduce the Citizen's Mobile eID service and its use in accessing e-services. Mobile eID will allow remote identification and multi-factor authentication of the citizen from the comfort of home, with the only device needed to access eGovernment services as a mobile phone. The citizen will be able to activate mobile eID assisted when taking over a citizen's chip card, or at any time by self-service online. Citizen identification and authentication in the electronic environment are guaranteed by the native mobile application and the enhanced authentication server of the Ministry of the Interior.

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