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Ladislav Kollár

Santea - Personal services
Ing. Ladislav Kollár, MBA - mainly works in the field of education, healthcare, social services and real estate and development. He is the owner of several companies. He is currently working for the company SANTEA, which is implementing innovative procedures in the provision of mainly social but also health services. The company is dedicated to the implementation of activities in the field of senior safety. With the help of its own technologies and through a connection to its own Information and Monitoring Center, it can immediately provide help for a senior in need remotely, including the prevention of borderline situations in the case of an imminent medical complication for a senior. Technology also has many other beneficial functions. In the past, he worked in state and public administration - as director of the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak Republic and also as vice-president of the Nitra self-governing region. He has successfully implemented projects and solutions in the public, but especially in the business sphere.
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