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Kees van der Graaf

Sulfateq, Chief Executive Officer
Kees van der Graaf is Chief Executive Officer of Sulfateq.

Kees is a 40+ year veteran entrepreneur specialized in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.
He has a background in pharmacy and was a Dutch registered pharmacist.( apotheker)

During the years with the companies  the general issue has been bring Science into the market. This proven by the  all healthfully companies,  which have  all turnover and profit on long term.  Although Sulfateq is still a bleeder, but that is drug development and by this value creation on long term.
The pharmaceutical world is a business which need a vison and deep pockets for long term investments.
The profit is a to solve a medical need for mankind and has also  by success a positive financial part.  

Kees  is the founder of  several biotech companies, like
  • 1985    Bio-Intermediar (now ThermoFisher)  producing mammalian cell culture  to obtain monoclonal antibodies in fermentation,  nowadays  about 400  high profile FTE.
  • 1994    Citeq                                                  a producer of allergen source material for  allergy vaccines. Source material , like  cultivating and harvesting house dust mites.
  • 1998    Citeq Health products / Sanelco        a whole sale and  sales to consumer company  in the lateral flow test.  CHP.  has  had a 50 % market share of consumer pregnancy test  from 1997 -2007, competitor Unilever and  AKZO
  • 2002    Angteq,                                              A  research company  together with the University   goal Contract research
  • 2011    Sulfateq                                             A drug development company, Developed drugs in the field of influencing Mitochondria.  Application e.g. Alzheimer. The lead compound SUL238, will be in Phase 1 at Q1 in 2023.
  • 2016    Tryptomera, Biobestrijding                Producing predator mites for the  Agriculture, This  is Business to business  and a webshop for consumers  for biological pest control.
Bio Intermediair was started with Venture capital and  we have raised about 16 milion gulden in 1990 for new building etc.  
Kees  next to management response  for the premises ( 1000 m-2 clean room ) with complete new technologies and a specific concept now known as  small foot print  in  mammalian production. The premises and the equipment in the building was within budget and on time.

After Bio Intermediar  as a business enthusiast, Kees uses the revenues of the company  first company Cityeq to invest in the next ventures. And so on.
Kees primary ambition is to develop a sustainable pharma business in the Northern Netherlands.

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