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Karol Krutek

Municipial Office, Žilina , Head of Economic Department of Žilina Municipal Office
School of Economics and Management of Public Administration in Bratislava, field Public administration and regional development.

Work experience
He started to work in company ODBYT-REAL, a.s. in 2001. He later worked in company Stredoslovenská energetika, a.s. – SMČ (2002-2004, 2007-2011) as a controller, lead of PAM and PT accounting and later as head of statement of finances, financial reporting and consolidation. Between 2004 and 2007 he was a controller in Elektroenergetické montáže, a.s. Since 2001 he is a head of economic department at Municipality Office in City of Žilina.
  • Provisioning of electronic services of Žilina Municipal Office   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    Why should you attend the lecture?
    The main objective of the project is to build an efficient and modern local electronic government services of Municipal Office in Žilina in accordance with principles of eGovernment. The lecture will be focused on making the most frequent services to be maintained, not only supported, but also developed further.

    Project „Electronic provision of the Municipal Office in Žilina“ is one of the most important projects implemented by the city through EU funding. It involves a computerization total of 143 services (including 8 "mobile"), delivery time is less than 12 months, project constists of  integration on register of legal entities, individuals, addresses, registers UPVS. The result of the project is development of integrated information system of Žilina as part of an integrated subsystem of public IT system, as defined in National concept of public governance.


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