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Karol Hrudkay

University Science Park of Žilina University, Head of the Intelligent Transport Systems division
Karol Hrudkay is the research coordinator and head of the Intelligent Transport Systems division at the University Science Park of the University of Žilina in Žilina.
He studied telecommunications at the University of Žilina and received a doctorate in the research field. Until now, he also worked as a university assistant professor, IT developer and researcher. For the other 8 years, he works in the University Science Park, where he leads research in the field of traffic telematics, traffic data, electromobility and green transport, Smart City.
He is the author of many scientific and professional publications and studies, study materials, reviewer of several university teaching texts, reviewer of several scientific journals and conference proceedings, opponent and supervisor of many diploma theses, opponent and assessor of several projects and author of several assessments and expert opinions.
  • IGNITE SESSION: Clevernet - sensor network for urban mobility and climate   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    The project Clevernet - Implementation of innovative sensor networks in cross-border regions in the framework of Interreg SK-CZ program is being solved by the University of Žilina in Žilina together with partners CDV, Citiq, CitiOne, UNITI. The key point of the solution is the deployment of a unique complex low-cost sensor network in cooperation with the Municipality of Žilina – the urban living laboratory. Thus, continuous data for almost 1.5 years about traffic and climate in the centre of Žilina are available, and the collection of data continues and expands. The data are published as open, and their use is not limited to academic research, but is also intended for practical policy for data-based self-government (urban logistics, static transport, road safety, interaction of transport and the environment, identification of heat islands, microclimate quality, ...).

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