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Karin Fuentesová

Digitoo, CEO & Product Manager
Karin Fuentesová is an accounting revolutionary and the founder of the startup Digitoo, which digitizes and simplifies most procedures in accounting. Even before founding Digitoo and starting the development of her own artificial intelligence for reading accounting documents and invoices in 2020, she worked as an accountant for many years. However, she was struggling with the difficulty of the meaningless routine work of rewriting documents and was therefore looking for ways to automate the work. In the past, she was in charge of the development of artificial intelligence at the company Rossum, from where she embarked on the path of launching her own startup Digitoo, which prioritizes small and medium-sized enterprises when digitizing accounting. In a short time, she got two investors for the startup. In addition to the Czech Republic, today the company is expanding to Slovakia and Great Britain.

  • Will artificial intelligence Replace People in Accounting? Why we Shouldn't Resist Robotization?   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    We cannot predict the future, but we know from history that each century or era brought a different revolution that led to global economic growth. Nevertheless, the gradual automation of activities was already associated with "robbing" people of their jobs in the past. We are currently in a phase of rapid robotization and automation, which is considered - again - to be the next phase of the industrial revolution. The 21st century brought to such a conservative environment as accounting, the development of artificial intelligence that can work like the human brain. Can we still expect today that in an effort to prevent automation, accounting "workers" will break machines? What is the future of financial professions? Karin Fuentesová, founder of the Digitoo startup, will talk about where we are heading in this area at the ITAPA Autumn Conference.

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