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Juan Gutiérrez Alliende

Bayer, EMEA Medical Affairs Digital Radiology Lead
MD radiologist with clinical work experience in various healthcare systems, both public and private, across Latin America and Europe. In recent years, I have transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry, working in Spain and Portugal within the Medical Department of Bayer Radiology. Here, I developed Bayer Radiology's medical strategy focusing on contrast media and medical devices. For the past two years, I have served as the Medical Lead for EMEA for Bayer's vendor-neutral AI platform for radiology, Calantic.
  • Implementation of AI in clinical practice   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2024
    In this this session, we explored the complexities surrounding AI adoption, acknowledging various barriers such as technical, cognitive, and ethical challenges. Our discussion extended to governance frameworks and implementation models, emphasizing the importance of establishing robust structures that harmonize with organizational objectives and ethical principles. Furthermore, we underscored the significance of AI monitoring in ensuring system functionality and detecting anomalies. Additionally, we delved into the integration of AI into existing workflows, recognizing the need for strategic approaches to streamline processes effectively.
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