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Joseph M. Burza

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic

A graduate of the CEAC private school in Barcelona
Graduate of the Royal Diplomatic School in Madrid

- President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic
- director of the Hagiel company focused on Permanent Residence in Canada
- publisher of the prestigious international magazines CANADA Exclusive and LIFE Exclusive
- author of the books How to become a Canadian, I want to live in Canada and Successful Slovaks in Canada
- compiler of the representative publication Štefan Boleslav Roman – The Uranus King for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Štefan B. Roman
- administrator of official portals about Canada - and

  • Stories of successful Slovaks   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    Slovaks living abroad were the first innovators. It was Canada and the USA that gave them the opportunity to realize their visions. A clear example is the world industrial magnate of Slovak origin Štefan Boleslav Roman, owner of the largest uranium mines in the world. His legal advisor was Richard Nixon, the future president of the USA. In the 90s, they were Jozef Straus, the best-paid manager in 2002, a world expert in glass fibers and optical amplifiers, and Ľudovít Zanzotto - a world expert in bituminous materials, author of 14 patents.

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