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Jeremy J.H. Shen

Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, Director of Information Center
Mr. Jin-Hsiang Shen is the Director of Information Center under the Ministry of the Interior. Shen’s responsibility is for project review, coordination and barrier removal in order to take the advancement of ICT in application of PKI, GIS/SDI.  Being the CIO of the Ministry, he is responsible for the information policy planning, evaluation, and the implementation of several critical e-government application systems, such as citizen electronic certification service system—named as MOICA, Household Registration Information System, and National Geographic Information System. The Ministry also develops the information system for land. Shen’s responsibility is for project review, coordination and barrier removal.

In terms of international participation, Mr. Shen has been assigned as delegate or speaker in several international conferences or Seminars on behalf of the Ministry, such as, 2004 APEC High Level Symposium on e-Government, 2005UN World Summit on the Information Society, 2006-2014 international conference for Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI), 2007 IAS - Information Assurance and Security and 2008 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics.

Before his current job, Shen was the Deputy Director of the Statistical Department of Ministry of the Interior. Earlier, he was the Deputy Director of the Statistical Department and division chief of Information Management Center under the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. 
  • How PKI-enabled applications changes government services - An example from MOICA   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2014: Future is TODAY
    In Taiwan, there are 6 PKI- based certification authorities (CA) under government root CA in Taiwan.  Those CAs are responsible for issuing subordinate certificates exclusively for applications in government, business, citizen, health care and NGO respectively.

    MOICA is a PKI-enabled Citizen Digital Certificate issued by Ministry of the Interior (Taiwan) for G2C services with digital signature and encrypted /decrypted function.  The certificate has been issued some 4.4 million pieces.  There are 566 MOICA-enabled application systems with more than 6,000 functions for both government and citizen users.  The total transaction of using MOICA has reached 320 millions.  Among those applications, Land Administration, Health Insurance, Hospital Administration, Entry and Departure Data Inquiry, and Online Tax Filing systems are in the top of the popular list.  Consequently, MOICA enables government to provide 24/7 life-enhancing government services to the public.

    In line with ICT advancement, MOICA incorporates with other IC cards, will develop new applications for KIOSK and mobile devices.  Eventually, it will provide a secure, mobile PKI environment for G2B2C services.

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