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Jaroslav Straka

ADOS RC & T Detva, Managing Director
Jaroslav Straka has 33 years of experience in the nursing field and a 2nd degree university education in this field, specializing in emergency health care and community nursing. Professional experience in surgery for 3 years, OAIM for 7 years, Emergency Health Service for 12 years and ADOS for 11 years. He worked at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic as a chief nursing expert for 5 years and is an advisor to several working groups in the field of emergency and home care. He was the chairman of the ADOS professional section of the Slovak Chamber of Nurses and PA for 7 years. Since 2003, he has been the director of RC&T Detva as a private health care provider, operating ADOS, transport health service clinics, adult emergency service clinic, public pharmacy, teaching first aid courses, as well as other activities in this area.
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