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Ján Weiterschütz

National Hydrogen Association of the Slovak Republic
Mgr. Ján Weiterschütz, MSc., is an important leader in the field of hydrogen technologies and currently holds the position of chairman of the National Hydrogen Association of Slovakia.
With his professional approach to project management and deep expertise in the field of renewable energy sources, Ján Weiterschütz actively contributes to building the national hydrogen ecosystem.
Under his leadership and with the support of international hydrogen agencies, there is a transfer of knowledge and experience, which enables the successful construction and sustainable operation of emerging hydrogen valleys, in connection with the creation of new business opportunities and jobs.
With his active involvement in the preparation of the National Hydrogen Strategy and the Action Plan, Ján Weiterschütz proves his determination to transform Slovakia into a carbon-neutral society with the help of hydrogen. He cooperates with representatives of industry, municipalities, the third sector, science and research, which enables him to identify and systematically remove obstacles preventing the introduction of hydrogen technologies into practice.
Weiterschütz is actively engaged in editing strategic, legislative and regulatory documents in order to ensure that his visions become reality and Slovakia becomes a better place to live. He strongly believes that his work and efforts in hydrogen technology are an important step towards building a more sustainable energy ecosystem.
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