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Ján Szöllös

InSilico Medicine, Senior Director AI Platforms BD
He started his professional career in artificial intelligence (AI) in Life Science in 2012 as a senior conference producer for Next Level Lifesciences. In 2019, he joined the Slovak startup Cognexa, dealing with the application of artificial intelligence in the automation of medical image processing, where he actively participated in the creation of strategic alliances within the healthcare industry.
Since 2020, he has been part of the Insilico Medicine company, where he is in charge of the commercialization of all three AI platforms (, as well as establishing strategic collaborations with leading world universities, research centers and pharmaceutical companies.
Insilico Medicine was the first company in the world to introduce an innovative drug developed by artificial intelligence into clinical trials. The use of proprietary AI solutions significantly shortened preclinical research and development and reduced drug development costs.
As part of other projects in the field of missing effective treatment, the company combined three different AI platforms, including an application for predicting the tertiary structure of proteins - AlphaFold. This effective combination contributed to the discovery of an active substance for a specific type of liver cancer, and that in 30 days.
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