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Ján Masaryk

MAKERS , co-founder
Ján Masaryk has long been dedicated to the creation of innovative products and services with the help of information technologies. He is a co-founder of the technology company MAKERS s.r.o. , which since 2017 has been dedicated to the design, implementation and operation of comprehensive solutions for the Internet of Things for corporate customers. The company provides solutions and services for customers in Europe and the USA, primarily in the areas of Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Lighting and Smart City. In addition, he is a co-founder of the first and largest Slovak community of the Internet of Things (currently around 600 members), which since 2014 organizes professional meetings, supports community technology validation projects (such as the first LoRaWAN network in Slovakia) and cooperation of its members in implementing Internet of Things solutions. in the CEE region.
  • Smart self-government action plan   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Management of the development of the topic of intelligent self-government in Slovakia has so far been fragmented among several central state administration bodies. The forthcoming Action Plan of Intelligent Self-Government brings hope for the standardization of conditions, the setting of measurable and achievable goals in a reasonable time. The context of its completion and approval is several processes that the current topic is experiencing, from the professionalization of management and execution of the project "Methodological evaluation unit and expert platform to support the development of smart cities and regions in the MIRRI environment", through emerging market links providing an effective framework for public-private cooperation. The action plan aims to be a basic prop for a qualitative change in the management of the Smart Cities topic in Slovakia in the foreseeable future. Changes that will bring more dynamic deployment of smart solutions in the process of transformation of towns and villages in Slovakia into modern and vibrant habitats that will effectively face the changed needs for the quality of life of citizens as well as more megatrends.
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