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Jakub Voskár

QBSW, Project Manager
Ing. Jakub Voskar has been working for the past year in the company QBSW, a.s. as project manager for innovative projects. Part of his activities includes realization of scientific – research projects in the field of electronization of healthcare processes and expert diagnostic systems in medicine, including the optimization of communication between physicians and patients, optimizing the diagnosis, management and utilization of health care. In the past he worked in startups focused on the unique identification of goods and the fight against counterfeit goods. He studied Applied informatics and Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Information technology at Slovak University of technology in Bratislava.
  • How technology facilitates and streamlines diagnostics and communication between patient and physician   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2016: Make IT Easy
    Portable devices, machine learning and internet, those are technologies that contribute to the efficient and easier diagnostics of diseases of the patient. Usage of these technologies significantly contributes to the improvement of health care and its availability. Even in Slovakia are solutions and partnerships, which use these modern trends for the benefit of the patient.

    The company and software house QBSW,a.s., which has many years of experience in the development and delivery of complex information systems and software solutions, develops expert system for diagnostics, designed to provide physicians a tool to streamline and facilitate the diagnostics and thus streamlining the provision of health care. Patients have in their hands a tool to conveniently solve their basic medical problems from the comfort of their homes.
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