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Jakub Palenčár

BTL Slovakia, Clinical specialist - physiotherapist
Jakub Palenčár is a physiotherapist with a degree from Masaryk University in Brno, where he spent 8 years of his life during and after graduation. In his professional practice, he has been mainly involved in outpatient physiotherapy with a diverse range of patients and subsequently specialized in acute spinal cord injury patients at the University Hospital Brno. After moving back to Slovakia, he took up the position of clinical specialist and medical advisor for the rehabilitation sector of BTL instrumentation and currently clinically covers the rehabilitation and robotics portfolio.
  • Reliable assistants in neurorehabilitation   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2024
    "BTL has been delivering reliable and effective solutions for physiotherapy, cardiology, and aesthetic medicine for over 30 years and is expanding its operations to include a robotic range of devices for the field of neurorehabilitation. It is now translating its long experience in the European as well as the global market not only into the development and production of such devices but also into the strategic acquisition of successful projects and companies, to which it can provide vital energy and the opportunity to expand worldwide. Thus helping patients to walk or eat again without the help of others. However, the production and sales are far from the end of the story."
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