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Jakub Kozák

Datlowe , co-founder
Jakub Kozák is a co-founder of Datlowe, a startup that develops intelligent solutions for hospitals using advanced data analysis, such as natural language processing and machine learning. Jakub and the Datlowe team designed HAIDi, a software solution using artificial intelligence to monitor healthcare associated infections, which has been successfully tested and implemented in several hospitals in the Czech Republic and Austria. Jakub manages the company, is the main designer of its solutions and has extensive experience with data analytics and integration. He studied mathematics at Charles University, playing volleyball and cycling in his free time.
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    Hospitals generate a lot of data with huge potential, but it is not used. HAIDi is an artificial intelligence that opens up new possibilities here. It can extract key information from unstructured medical reports and further use it in a targeted manner - e.g. in the fight against nosocomial (so-called hospital) infections. HAIDi is already operating successfully in more than 10 hospitals. It provides hygienists and epidemiologists with timely and accurate data, saving them up to 90% of administrative work.

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