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Filip Staňo

He has 10 years of experience in engineering and leading engineering teams in the field of artificial intelligence. His focus is on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision. He also has experience in delivering AI solutions to business users in multiple domains, including pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunications, advertising, heavy industry, and more.
  • IGNITE: AI in back office and client centres – solution showcase   |   ITAPA AI & Robotics 2024
    Practical demonstration of implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions, specifically combining large language models (LLM), optical character recognition (OCR) and more, to facilitate and streamline the work of internal teams, whether it be in finance, sales, quality, or customer support. The entry point into the processes often involves a multitude of unstructured documents and textual data with higher variability, and the output is structured, computer or human-readable information.
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