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Filip Dřímalka

digital transformation specialist
Filip Dřímalka is a leading expert on technological trends and their introduction into companies. He
transforms his know-how in the field of digitization and innovation into strategic consultations for
company management and programs for the development of managers. He also founded the project, which identifies and develops key digital skills for employees.
He is the author of many innovations, which today serve as the basis of educational and
development programs in major Czech companies.

He wrote the first Czech book on the digital
transformation of HOT: How to Succeed in the Digital World, leads a podcast with HOTCAST
innovators and is the winner of the LIGS Awards for innovative projects in the field of adult
  • How to be the best in digital innovation   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2021: Ako sa stať najlepším?
    Digital transformation is no longer just about technology, but about people's ability to use, connect and work with technology. To make our country, business or any organization a premant of digital innovation, we need to invest in the development of digital and innovation skills, create technology partnerships, develop entrepreneurship and learn from the best.

    In my lecture I will present the most important digital initiatives and activities on which organizations and companies in all fields of human activity should work.
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