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Eva Guliková

Ekofond SPP, director
She is a graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Economics in Industrial Management. From the end of her studies in 1987 until 2007, she worked at SPP, where she dealt with the issue of natural gas pricing and marketing. She held various management positions, from 2004 to 2007 as the director of the marketing section of SPP. Since 2007, he has been involved in the management of CSR organizations established by SPP. She is the director of the non-profit organization Ekofond SPP and since 2020 she has also been the administrator of the SPP Foundation. During her work in these non-business entities, she participated in the establishment of many activities, grant schemes and projects aimed at sustainable development, improving energy efficiency as well as educational projects, which are implemented in a non-traditional and innovative way.
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    Protecting the environment and promoting sustainability is not only part of the SPP strategy for the development of innovative services and products, but is also one of the key areas of social responsibility. SPP, in cooperation with CSR organizations, which it has established (SPP Foundation and Ekofond SPP, n.o.) has long and purposefully supported the development of educational projects. The topic of energy efficiency will continue to be one of the basic topics in society and especially among customers of energy companies. The market for energy services is developing intensively in the Slovak Republic. Also for these reasons, it is necessary to constantly support the quality of teaching so that it is in line with legislation and current trends in technological and technical development. On the other hand, our motivation is to arouse students' interest in the issues of production, energy use and energy efficiency and to show them the area of their possible future professional orientation. We implement our projects in a non-traditional and innovative way. One of our main projects is to initiate the establishment of a field of study: technician of energy equipment of buildings and support for its successful establishment in secondary schools.
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