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Ervín Šimko

MIRDI, Director-General of the Cyber Security Section
He graduated in Security and Legal Services in Public Administration at the Police Academy in Bratislava. He obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (Faculty of Public Administration and Public Policy). Later he graduated and obtained an LL.M. degree at Collegium Humanum Warsaw Management University and Institute of Forensic, Security Studies and Management in Prague, where he obtained an MBA degree. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Security and Legal Services in Public Administration at the Police Academy in Bratislava.

He is currently working at the Cybersecurity Section of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization as Director General since 2023. He also works as a lecturer at the Department of Public Administration and Crisis Management at the Police Academy in Bratislava. He is also the owner of ErWIN s.r.o. Between 2017 and 2020 he worked at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investment and Informatization. Between 2017 and 2018 he was the General State Counsel of the Department of Legislation Standards and Security.

He has also published and participated in several international scientific conferences.

- Member of the Slovak Security Council Interministerial Terminology Commission 
- Education at university level educator
- Company Management 
- Member of the Terminology Commission of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
- Leadership of working groups (chair of 9 WGs) on government information systems standards: cloud, web accessibility, cybersecurity, and i.... 
- Representation of the Slovak Republic at the EC level in working groups in the field of development of internationally binding regulations related to Informatization of Public Administration 
- Vice-Chairman of the Commission for Standardisation of Public Administration Information Systems 
- Chairman of the strategic working group for the development of the national concept of the informatisation of public administration in the field of cyber security
- Non-permanent member of the Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic for digitalization in the field of cybersecurity and standards of public administration information systems
- Arranging and organising numerous conferences in the field of computerisation and cybersecurity
- Fulfilling the tasks of documentation manager - registry 

Legislative knowledge: 
- Creation of the strategic document National Concept of Informatization of Public Administration in the field of cyber security
- Creation of standards for public administration information systems 
- Creation of a unified design manual of electronic services focused on the creation of forms
- Creation of a generally binding legal regulation Decree on guaranteed conversion No.331/2018 Coll.
- Creation of a generally binding legal regulation Decree establishing the method of categorisation and content of security measures of information technologies of public administration No.179/2020 Coll.
- Participation in the development of the Act on the electronic form of exercise of powers of public authorities (Act on e-Government) No.305/2013 Coll. 
- Creation of the Act on Information Technologies in Public Administration No.95/2019 Coll.
- Commenting on national and EU legislation
- Experience with overall drafting and commenting procedures  

Other knowledge: 
- Preparation of documents for the absorption of structural funds from the operational programmes under individual chapters (OPII) 
- Preparation of documents for national projects 
- Involvement in the absorption of grants from international organisations
- Following up on calls for proposals for the possibility of obtaining funds for the benefit of the organisation (green fleet, etc... ) 
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