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Dušan Petričko

Slovak Savings Bank, špecialista informačnej bezpečnosti

He has been working on information security for more than 10 years. In the position of an information security specialist in one of the largest Slovak banks, he largely deals with practical security and the application of security measures in the design and revision of solutions. He consults on the design, architecture and implementation of new technologies. He brings his partners closer to the way of thinking of "safeguards", explains the rationale and benefits of thinking about safety in advance, from the opposite side he can demonstrate the effects of not securing. In his role, he deals with security in a comprehensive way - from communication with developers and architects, through security training and raising the awareness of ordinary users, testing the security features of solutions, solving security incidents, up to communication with solution owners, suppliers and top management.

At the same time, he works as a lecturer for Cyber Security Manager-II Cyber Security Competence and Certification Center courses.
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