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Dávid Šoltýs

Aero Monitor

Dávid Šoltýs graduated from the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology STU. He is interested in the field of humanities and science that bring positive solutions for society. His ambition inspired him to co-found AERO MONITOR company which specializes in monitoring objects from bird´s perspective using drones and special thermodiagnostic techniques.

  • Elevation inspection performed by drone   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019

    In the presentation of AERO MONITOR you will learn about aerial monitoring technique that monitors residential houses, hot water pipes and photovoltaic power plants.  This is performed by drones equipped by conventional or thermodiagnostic cameras. A common camera can track visual errors such as cracks in the building's facade, as well an errors invisible to our eye under the façade surface, which can be monitored by using a thermodiagnostic camera. Our work will be demonstrated by visual representation in the presentation.

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