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Daniel Kvak

Daniel Kvak is the co-founder and CEO of the biotechnology startup Carebot. The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help radiologists and other specialists find problems in chest X-rays, mammograms and other medical image data. The resulting solutions are implemented directly into the PACS systems, which allows that there are no changes in medical work procedures. Carebot's research team led by Kvak relies on an evidence-based approach to AI, thanks to which the company can boast scientific outputs and studies in prestigious journals. Outside of working at Carebot, Daniel Kvak is a doctoral student at Masaryk University, where he also works on artificial intelligence.
  • AI - a colleague you can rely on?   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2023
    While the number of X-rays that a radiologist must evaluate during the year increases, the number of doctors remains almost the same. Modern healthcare is moving towards prevention and early detection of diseases, so it is clear that the volume of examinations will continue to grow in the coming years. One of the solutions can be artificial intelligence, which, provided by the Carebot company, is already able to analyze thousands of X-ray images of the chest and point out possible pathologies that may appear on the images. It is necessary to look at AI not as a replacement, but as a reliable partner of the doctor. How does AI work in practice? And what are its limits?

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