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Daniel Bogiatzis Gibbons

Behavioural Insights Team, Advisor on the Research team

Daniel Bogiatzis Gibbons is BIT's Head of Data Science, responsible for leading its work on predictive analytics, language processing and exploratory data analysis. This work has included predicting the outcomes of school and hospital inspections, advising on the design of data systems for organizations that provide adult social care and conducting evaluations into smart energy products for Google. Daniel has a Masters of Philosophy in Economic Research from the University of Cambridge and a Masters of Science in Mathematics from the University of Queensland.

  • Harnessing the power of data science for public sector   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2019
    Governments are increasingly relying on an analysis of data (increasingly including text and images) to improve service provision for citizens in a variety of policy areas including education, criminal justice and health. This talk will survey trends within this use and explain what successful data-driven government might look like. We will first discuss applications of data, for instance, to plan services, evaluate policy and target government programs. Then we will move onto how these applications might be integrated into digital systems including dashboards and case management systems. Finally, we will discuss challenges around upskilling analytical units as well as legal and ethical challenges.
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