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Dagmar Bosáková

Director of Department of Conception and Coordination of Public Administration's Information Systems, Ministry of Informatics, Czech Republic

Mgr. Dagmar Bosáková (born in 1951)

Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University Praha, field of study: scientific information

Professional focus:
information systems, electronic signature , information services, security of information systems

Professional positions:
- director of department of electronic signature, Ministry of Informatics
- director of department of electronic signature, Office for personal data protection
- director of department fo IS security, Office for state information system

Previous places of work:
Central Office of scientific, technical and economic information (1976 – 1990)
National information centre of the Czech Republic (1991 – 1998)
Office for state information system (1998 – 2000)
Office for personal data protection (2000 – 2002)

Presentation: eSignature Experiences of Czech Public Administration

  • Experiences with Using the Electronic Signature in Public Administration in the Czech Republic   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

    The legal framework of electronic signature in Czech Republic originates in 2000. The law was amended for several times and significantly changed in 2004. The Ministry of Informatics has in relation to the electronic signature these obligations, in particular: drafting legal regulations, issuing methodological directives, gives accreditation to providers of certification services, supervising the qualified providers, evaluating the conformity of tools. The accreditation was acquired by three providers of certification services: First Certificated, Inc., Czech Post and eIdentity, Inc.. The electronic signature in accordance with the law is mostly used by the tax declarations and declarations for Czech administration of social security. For the communication between the citizens and public offices the electronic register offices are used and even more the Postal of public administration, too. Allowing to mark data massages with electronic marks is the most recent news.

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