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Christian Rupp

Digitales Oesterreich, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Austria
Christian Rupp is the Spokesman for the Platform "Digital Austria" of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Before his appointment by the Austrian Government in June 2003 he held positions in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber as Vice Director of Communications/Marketing Department and Deputy Manager International Technology and Know-How Transfer. As the E-Business representative for the Chamber Organisation he is, since 1995 the driving force behind information society awareness activities in Austria.

Christian Rupp is the author of various publications and articles about new technology and new media aspects in modern business development and communications as well as new public management. As an expert in various e-fields he is an evaluator and a national delegate at the European Commission for e-Europe initiatives as well as member of the E-Europe Steering Committee and the European E-Skills Taskforce.

He is also Member of the Grand Jury World Summit Award 2003 and the Austrian National Award for Multimedia an E-Business since 1997.
  • CLOUD – hype or challenge   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2014: Future is TODAY
    Cloud computing - the next level of abstraction - in many ways it is seen as the paradigm we have to sign up in the future. Like many of the new technologies it is bottom-up. Starting as a guide simple consumer product slowly moving into the professional and administration fields. We have seen this approach with tablets and mobile phones.

    The presentation touches issues to be addressed up-front mostly from the security and legal background but equally methos we need to implement so that cloud gets fit for many of the government applications.

    Special attention is payed to data protection and identity. These aspects deserve scrutiny as they get different in structure as we move towards cloud.

    It is the intention with this presentation to give a practival view of what can be done with this refards and to try to look ahead what we can expect to face in the upcomimg future.
  • e-Identification in Austria   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

  • Project ELAK - an Example of an effective eGovernment in BackOffice   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

    The Austrian Government is implementing an “Electronic File” system (Elektronischen Akt, or ELAK) designed to enable internal government communications to be carried out electronically. Already in use in seven ministries, the system will be extended to all ministries by the end of the year and then to the entire federal administration.

    Austria is claiming a leadership role in the implementation of “paperless government” with the implementation of the ELAK system. Combining a document management system with a workflow system, workgroup applications and an archive, ELAK is designed to enable administrative units to electronically record, save, find and re-work information, thereby supporting the transfer of paper files to electronic files for all inter-ministerial processes at federal level. A core element of the Austrian e-government strategy, it is due to be used in all sectors of the federal administration and to substantially boost productivity while supporting service improvement.

    The project is built on the following principles:
    • The electronic file is becoming the original.
    • Signatures in the file are provided electronically.
    •Incoming paper mail is scanned, except for large amounts.
    • Paper prints of the complete file can be produced, in order to remain able to communicate with public authorities not equipped with electronic filing.
    • The existing office system will be implemented electronically.
    • Standard software must be used as technical basis.

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