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Borys Czerniejewski

IPM Ltd., Vice-President
Consultant in information society, e-government, EU projects, innovation, technology transfer and evaluation of public policies. Prepared, negotiated, managed and supervised several IT projects with budgets ranging up to several million euro. Assessed and evaluated projects and programmes financed from the national and
EU public funds. Graduated in Information Technology from AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. In 1996-2000 Director of IT Systems Department
at the State Committee for Scientific Research (Ministry of Science) and in 2000 2007

Director of the International Liaison Office and Board Advisor at Infovide S.A. In 2006-2007 also Director of IT Systems Development at the state owned Institute of
Control Systems (currently Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG). One of the
leaders and Technology Director at Institute of Innovation and Information Society
Ltd. – the very first officially recognized private research and development centre
(2007-2008). Co-founder of one2tribe – a vendor of mobile and Internet games
(2003) and IPM – a consulting company specializing in managing innovative processes in organizations (2008). One of the founders of the Silesian ICT Cluster
and in 2016 President of the ICT Science and Industry Centre S.A. – the Cluster
Coordinator. Active member and expert of the Polish Information Processing Society.
Co-founder of the Polish Knowledge Management Practitioners Association. Expert of the ‘Micromacro Institute’ Foundation. Evaluator of ICT projects in EU RTD
Framework Programmes, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, EEA and Norway Grants,
Innovative Economy Operational Programme and an the National Centre for Research and Development.
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