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Andrew Tuzov

StarWind, Director of Business Development
Director of Business Development at StarWind, has over a decade of experience in the IT infrastructure space. He is an expert in storage virtualization and hyperconvergence technologies and has a unique understanding of the best practises for deployments across a plethora of use cases. In his numerous presentations, Andrew consistently employs a creative approach to illustrate the significant and direct impact of building a perfectly tailored IT infrastructure. Andrew refers to this concept as 'business empathy' when he explains the correlation between the IT side of the business and the experiences that people have with the company.
  • Best practices for Government and Health Care: emerging trend and what to consider   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
    Government and health care are expected to be completely digitalized at this point. This means that governmental and health care's main asset is data (such as public services, databases, monitoring systems, health documents, patients clinical records etc.) and its availability and security directly depends on the IT infrastructure. In both Governmental and Health Care sectors, the services they provide should be available 24/7. Downtime is not an option. This calls for an IT infrastructure that can deliver maximum uptime for the services, it should be fast to meet performance requirements of the diverse workload and also, easily and centrally managed and monitored. In addition to this, strong security mechanisms must be in place which means not just a single tool, but an all-encompassing strategy that includes staff training, DR infrastructure and secure, ransomware-protected backups.
  • Protect yourself from cyber threats in healthcare   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
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