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Andrej Šturc

SANOstation, sales director
Chief Financial Officer of ADIT Agency with more than ten years of experience in financial management, planning and project management. At ADIT Agency, he focuses primarily on the healthcare, banking and digital innovation sectors.

Co-founder of the SANOstation project, which aimed to respond rapidly to new medical and digital market needs during the corona crisis in the V4 countries. As part of the SANOstation project, he is in charge of financial management and communication with key business partners.

SANOstation is an innovative Slovak device that helps in the fight against viruses and their spread. With the help of Deep Learning, it evaluates airway overlap, measures contactless temperature with medical-accurate sensors, and provides unrivaled comprehensive protection during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to cloud solution integrations. The encryption of measured data meets the requirements of the NSA at the TOP SECRET level and is also resistant to quantum computing.

The facility is approved by the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic to ensure hygienic - anti-epidemic measures in connection with the current pandemic COVID-19.

  • Ignite session: SANOstation - health protection thanks to digital innovations   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    The unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic surprised the company unprepared. From the very beginning, various technological solutions have appeared on the market, which try to help in the fight against the pandemic. We can observe a strong onset especially in the segment of tools for early diagnosis of infected people, which is driven by machine learning: automated detection of a veil with cameras, a model from MIT University to determine asymptomatic cases by analyzing a voice sample of cough and many others. In particular, rapid adaptation to new challenges, whether of a legislative nature or by a change in the behavior of the population itself, is crucial. SANOstation is a Slovak product that helps protect the population from the very beginning of the pandemic, while our company works closely with hospitals, medical companies and ordinary entrepreneurs to minimize the negative effects of the coronary crisis on business and health of employees and visitors while complying with the strictest HIPPA regulations. and GDPR. We are constantly adapting the product according to the latest trends, from constantly adding a model for the detection of drapes to the integration of the system of results of antigen and PCR testing of visitors, while we also think about the future and protect data with encryption that is resistant to quantum computers  and complies with NSA regulations for encrypting TOP SECRET information.

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