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Andrej Časný

Oracle Slovakia, sales manager
Andrej Časný works at Oracle Slovakia as a sales manager for  cloud technology, focusing on large customers from the state administration and telecommunications sector. He studied at the Faculty of Management, UK, and has been engaged in business activities in the field of information technology since 2000. He has been working at Oracle since the summer of 2019. Before that he was responsible for 4 years for the sale of tailor-made SW solutions, mobile applications and virtual reality in Cleverlance Slovakia, where he joined after 4 years in Hewlett-Packard Slovakia, specializing in business-critical solutions, Enterprise SW tools and security technologies.
  • Ignite session: Election results on your smartphone   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    It started with a request to make the interim results of the parliamentary elections available in a form suitable for a mobile application. At that time, the Statistical Office provided the media with the election results only in a CSV file via the FTP protocol - not the most suitable format for a mobile application. There were only a few months left until the parliamentary elections, so the decision was made quickly: as part of a pilot project, we will make the election results available in a modern, standard JSON format via the REST API. Great, but we need a solution that can cover a high load during election night and is safe enough to withstand potential attacks - and it won't be cheap. Only that we would deploy it in the cloud! And it was decided. Within a few weeks, the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic was able to deploy a solution that makes the results of the 2020 elections available in JSON Stat format as a REST API.

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