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Andrej Bederka

ITAS Education, Research and Innovation Commission, Secretary General
Andrej Bederka graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University in Bratislava in 1989 and the Faculty of National Economics of the University of Economics in Bratislava in 1999. He was a software consultant and a project manager in ICT sector and acted in business consulting.

Since 2010, he has worked 10 years for the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, partly on ICT projects and also on projects focused on education (“Universities as engines of knowledge society development” - internship of university students, “Improving the Quality of the Education at primary and secondary Schools using electronic Testing”, “IT Academy - Education for the 21st Century”, “School informatisation Program with a view to 2030", “Sector-driven innovations towards an effective labour market in the Slovak Republic”).

Andrej Bederka is as secretary of the Committee for Education, Research and Innovation of IT Association of Slovakia (ITAS), a specialist in vocational education and training of the National Union of Employers (RUZ), a member of the Sectoral Council for Information Technology and Telecommunications of the Alliance of Sectoral Councils and a Secretary General of the Digital Coalition - the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Occupations of the Slovak Republic.

He is taking active role in the support of a development of informatics education, digital skills and
competences for the digital future in schools and the development of vocational education and training in the field of ICT in secondary vocational schools.
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