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Alžběta Solarczyk Krausová

Centre for Innovation Research and Cyberlaw, Head
She is the Head of the Centre for Research on Innovation and Cyberlaw at the Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Chair of the Expert Platform and Forum of the Czech Republic for Monitoring Legal and Ethical Rules for Artificial Intelligence, Founder and Chair of the SOLAIR (Society, Law, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) Conference, External Lecturer at Charles University, Executive Editor of The Lawyer Quarterly, and a member of the Dispute Committee of the Office for Personal Data Protection. She served as a member of the Expert Group on Accountability and New Technologies of the European Commission and as an expert for the Czech Republic in the negotiations on the UNESCO Draft Recommendations on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. She represents the Czech Republic as an expert in the GPAI. She is a member of the ONE AI network of experts at the OECD. Her research focuses on legal aspects of artificial intelligence, robotics, brain-computer interfaces and the interconnection of technology with biological life. Since 2017, he has been contributing to the formulation of future AI regulation at international and national level. He is the lead author of the Czech proposals for international regulation of artificial intelligence sent to UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT (2017), co-author of the document EU Responsibility for Artificial Intelligence and Other New Digital Technologies (2019) and co-author of the Czech non-paper Regulatory Framework for Artificial Intelligence in the European Union (2020). She is the lead author of the Analysis of Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Development of Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in the Czech Republic (2018) prepared for the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and co-author of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence of the Czech Republic (2019).
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