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Allan Böhm

Premedix Academy, Chief Executive Officer
MUDr. Allan Böhm, MSc., PhD., MBA, FESC, FJCS is an important Slovak cardiologist and scientist who is dedicated to innovations in the field of precision medicine. He is the founder and CEO of Premedix Clinic & Academy, where he also works as a cardiologist and scientist. In 2022, he founded the startup Seerlinq, which specializes in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

From 2015 to 2023, he worked as a cardiologist at the Department of Acute Cardiology of the National Institute of Heart and Vascular Diseases. He expanded his academic education by studying clinical research at Oxford University, which he successfully completed in 2023. Dr. In addition to clinical medicine, Böhm is intensively engaged in research in the field of heart failure, cardiovascular prevention and the application of artificial intelligence in medicine, which has led to many important publications and awards.

In 2015, he founded Premedix Academy, a biomedical organization focused on precision medicine education and research. Two years later, in 2017, he was approached by the European Society of Cardiology to participate in the establishment of a commission for digital medicine. This step was crucial for the introduction of the concept of precision medicine in Slovakia, which led to the creation of Premedix Clinic.

In 2020 Dr. Böhm became the first and at the same time the youngest Slovak member of the board of the European Society of Cardiology. In 2022, he was awarded the silver medal of this prestigious society and ranked among the 5 best young scientists in Slovakia. His contributions to medicine and technological innovation are admirable, and his work continues to bring about significant changes in the care of patients with cardiovascular disease.
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