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Aleš Kučera

Novell-Praha, s.r.o., Managing director
Aleš Kučera manages Novell, Inc. activities (NASDAQ: NOVL) in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. He is responsible for implementation of company strategy and growth management as a global provider of enterprise-class software and service on above mentioned territory.
Aleš Kučera, 44, joined Novell in 1997 as Channel Marketing Manager, since 1998 servers as managing director of Novell-Praha, s.r.o., Novell Professional Services Česká republika, s.r.o. and Novell Slovensko, s.r.o. In this role he is responsible for implementation of Novell strategy, management and development of sales and marketing activities.
Aleš Kučera served several years as a Member of board of Association for Information Society (SPIS).
Aleš Kučera received a degree from Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague in 1987.
  • eGON as of 2012   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    Presentation will introduce the four pillars of eGON, which is the Czech interpretation of eGovernment. These pillars include Czech POINT, eBOX system, Basic Registry and KIVS (Communication infrastructure of public administration). Each pillar description includes its basic description of functionality, description of legislation framework, historical milestones, basic statistical data since these systems went into production until today. Descriptions will include also some financial information (financial models, etc.). Basic best practices and obstacles occurred during implementation and/or operation will be discussed as well. Presentation will include brief description of eGON’s global architecture and future perspectives.
  • eGovernment: how is it made?   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    e-Government for everyone – the only thing that works. E-Government for citizens with or without a PC. A criterion of success. User friendly e-Government services. Why did we do it this way in Czech Republic? Best practice.
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