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Adam Chalupecký

Adam has graduated in management and has been leading teams and projects for over 10 years. Information technology has always been his passion, which has naturally transformed into his job. He has experience in leading teams in international IT start-ups, design and implementation of smaller IT products to address the specific needs of the client, but also with complex systems in the public sector.
In addition to leading teams, he enjoys analyzing client needs, creating prototypes of new applications and exploring new trends in the segment. He doesn't like the status quo and vague expression. The one who is not advancing today is not standing still, but is backing down. He believes that this principle is more than observable in the information systems segment. If he does not work, he is engaged in mountaineering, or you will meet him somewhere in the mountains on a hike or ferrate. If the weather does not allow it, a piano or saxophone is usually at hand.
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