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SMART projects that change life of people in V4 countries

You might not have heard about these projects, yet they have already changed Visegrad countries for better. Polish city of Poznan has enabled 3D map of the city, where you can find not only cadaster information but also information about city infrastructure (see at

Hungarian town of Ceglédbercel,4300 inhabitants, is a perfect example of „smart village“. It uses number of technologies that improve safety and help communication of citizens with public administration. The town plans to enhance enterprise environment, too. Local citizens have the luxury of infrastructure and digital services that bigger cities can only envy them. ( „Smart city“ is no stranger also to Moravian metropole, Brno. Second largest Czech city is working on development of electronic system available at  that eliminates the need to visit civic authorities. For example, students can claim their student discount simply by typing their name when requesting a transport card; system is interconnected with databases of universities residing in Brno.

Did you know that smart systems can also operate traffic? Hungarian city of Debrecen uses mobile apps Waze and Rollet to reduce traffic jams and transport of citizens inside the city.

Project NIXZD.CZ ( is helping development of Czech eHealth in the project that will transfer patients‘ data so they can have medical treatment in any European countries, without the need to carry their healthcare record with them. Waiting for doctor appointment is always bothersome, especially when there are many people in front of you and you don’t know when your medical examination will happen. This problem is tackled by Slovak project of e-appointment card that enables the doctor to know exactly how many patients are waiting for him so he can manage his schedule accordingly. Patients benefit as well because they don’t have to wait in full waiting room and risk infection from other patients. 

Sometimes it is not so easy to fully comprehend aspects of urban planning, especially when you are dealing with traditional 2D maps. City of Poprad, Slovakia is one step ahead and uses 3D visualization and augmented reality. Buildings and infrastructure are shown in real scale and the app enables you to walk through the city as if already surrounded by proposed buildings and structures .

You can learn more about these projects, and many others at ITAPA International Congress, taking place in Bratislava November 13.-14, 2018.

Overview of projects submitted to 2018 ITAPA V4 Award

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