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Richard Raši to attend ITAPA for the third time

Last year, Richard Raši, Deputy Prime Minister for Information Technology and Investment, attended ITAPA for the first time, where he addressed topics on new strategy and priorities in the field of IT and investment sector. Realization of the “Ones and enough” project and successful efforts to de-bureaucratize public administration resulted in the ITAPA 2018 Award for the project.

Are regions and cities receiving more support for digitalization projects? Were small enterprises strengthened at the expense of the big ones? Or was there much more emphasis on high-tech than artificial intelligence? This year's Spring ITAPA 2019 conference will certainly answer all these questions.

This year, you will learn not only from the Deputy Prime Minister, but also from his colleagues from ÚPVII - Jaroslav Kmeť, Jan Majtan and other interesting guests, what specific steps were taken in 2018 and what is planned in the area of ​​digitization or cyber security in Slovakia in 2019.

The top representatives of the Digitization of Slovakia will present in one place, at the same time. Do not hesitate and join our Spring ITAPA 2019 conference on the May 28, 2019 at Radisson Blu Bratislava Hotel.

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