Preparatory phase of the eHealth Programme in Slovakia launched

The preparatory phase of the Slovakian eHealth Programme was launched on 23 March 2011. It will last until 30 June 2011, and aims to establish the key strategic issues and provide financial and organisational conditions for the future implementation of the Programme.




The preparatory phase was launched by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance. Its successful implementation is a prerequisite for launching the first phase of the eHealth Programme.

The Programme involves all projects including the National Programme of the electronic health services (eSO1), and is funded by the European Commission's Operational Programme 'Information Society'. The Ministry of Health and representatives of the consortium project leaders of eSO1 signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the eHealth Programme, declaring an understanding of the priorities of the implementation of the Programme and identifying with them.

Both parties agreed to refine the initial project scope of eSO1 in accordance with the new eHealth Strategy Project. The new eHealth Strategy Project was prepared by the Ministry of Health in early 2011 to eliminate the risks of the deficiencies of the original strategy which were revealed in the audit by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance. The new strategy envisages the implementation of eHealth in several stages and the intention is to accelerate the introduction of electronic access and health services to citizens in order to improve the quality of healthcare and make more efficient use of resources in health.

Source: Ministry of Health of Slovakia


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