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John DAVIS at ITAPA: World of technology and world of cyber security are heading different directions. Cyber space protection must be proactive an integrated

World of technology is heading different direction than world of cyber security that should be protecting it; this creates a potentially huge space for cybercrime: „The world of technology tends to create simple and easy to use devices. With less people, it is possible to provide more services because they are interconnected, integrated and automated. These trends steer us towards mobile solutions, clouds and internet-of-things”, said John A. Davis, author of Pentagon’s cyber defense at ITAPA 2017 International Congress. According to Davis, the world of cyber security follows different direction: „Things are getting more demanding and complex.”

The number of successful cyber-attacks is increasing as cost of attacks is decreasing due to higher computer capacity and relentless price reductions.” with these words John A. Davis, former U.S. Commander and current Vice President and Chief Security Officer - Federal in Palo Alto Networks opened the topic of security and cyber space protection in ITAPA 2017 International Congress. He spent majority of his 35 years of active service in U.S. Army in special operations, last ten years in special cyber assignments such as operations, strategy, politics, international cooperation and coordination of cyber threat reactions.

Today he uses his vast experience to help government world-wide to prevent successful cyber-attacks and to educate and develop global cyber security politics and initiatives. „The days, when cybercriminal was a youngster in stretched T-shirt, hunched over a notebook, are long gone. Today we are talking about very sophisticated and well organized sources and capacities. Cyber attackers are part of criminal underworld, they use sophisticated marketing, automation, information sharing, tools and high share of sophistication quickly and on large scale. They take advantage of every situation that provides them with an opportunity in the virtual world”, describes Davis his perception of attackers and cyber criminals. According to him, one of the solutions is to increase cost attackers must invest for cyber-attack thus eliminating their motivation.

Problem of modern day is that the world of technology is heading different direction than world of cyber security. „The world of technology tends to create simple and easy to use things. They are getting more convenient – smartphones or one-touch apps“. Davis says the world of cyber security follows completely opposite direction. „Things are getting more demanding and complex. Lets take the example of password policy requirements. And we need more and more people. We estimate that by 2020 we will lack 1.5 million cyber security experts. This world is isolated, mostly manual and heavily relies on human decisions; cybercrime benefits from this situation. For example polymorph harmful software is constantly automatically changing; there will simply never be enough human resources for that“, explains Davis.

He sees the solution in change of approach and development of new economic system of effective cyber security. Its core consists of prevention through integrated elements that are designed to collaborate, share the information and protect networks, data storages and all types of end devices. Second step is development of partnership between technology leaders so they will integrate these elements into their products and development of open source environment to develop these solutions. The final key is to share cyber threat information and develop relations with public and private networks guardians. 

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