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ITAPA Defense 2023

What innovations do we have in the defense industry? Are we innovating enough in this area? Is defense sufficient in Slovakia? All these questions will be answered at ITAPA Defense 2023.

On September 21, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, we are preparing a one-day conference for you in Banská Bystrica at the SNP Museum. The main program consists of lectures and discussions with experts from the ministries and from the field of defense technologies.

Martin Sklenár, as Minister of Defense, will tell us what threats and opportunities the current geopolitical situation brings, where we find ourselves at the crossroads between East and West. In Slovakia, we are not united in opinion on the subject of the war in Ukraine, why is that? And what direction will we take after the elections and what would the ministers of the caretaker government recommend to their successors?

How do we renew the North Atlantic Alliance? Deeph Chana, Executive Director of NATO Innovation Accelerator DIANA, will introduce the NATO Innovation Fund, which enables collaboration between leading researchers and entrepreneurs across the Alliance and helps them develop technologies to keep citizens safe. What opportunities does the accelerator bring to Slovak companies and who can join it?

Michaela Kollárová and Michal Homza from the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic will also contribute to the topic of the emergence of defense innovations. Together with Andrej Veľas, from the Department of Security Management of the University of Žilina, they will discuss how the accelerator, under the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, connects universities and industries to cooperate with start-ups and other innovators in solving critical defense and security challenges.

Human health and biotechnology are also an important part of defense. Roman Jantoš from the Military Health Command will talk about the use of modern technologies in military health and their opportunity to contribute to better health not only of soldiers, but also of the civilian population.

CEOs and specialists from leading companies focused on combating hostile information activities - Michal Trnka from Gerulata, Peter Kolarov from Crayonic and Zuzana Omelková from GAMO will present to us the importance of information sharing in averting cyber threats and incidents and the state of cyber security.

Innovations in sensor and sensing systems provide new capabilities and improve monitoring, detection and evaluation capabilities in defense applications. Robert Lászlo from Needronix, Martin Smolák from RoboTech Vision and Miloslav Ďurica from PHOTOMAP will tell us how they work in practice and what their potential is for the defense industry. Together with Barbora Hrozenská from the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, the discussion will focus on the importance of these technologies for modern defense systems and their contribution to increasing the safety and efficiency of military operations.


If you happen to be unable to attend the ITAPA Defense 2023 lecture program during the day, you can ask them about the ITAPA OPEN TALK, which will be held at the end of the day. The discussion is open to the general public and will cover the topic of hybrid threats - how they used to be and what they look like today.

History, presence and reality of hybrid threats with free registration here.

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