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Where is artificial intelligence going, Cybersecurity in the world of AI, AI success stories from Slovakia, AI and robotics in the creative industry and education - these are just some of the topics of the ITAPA AI & Robotics conference, which will take place on March 12 in the Winter Riding Hall at Bratislava Castle. Artificial intelligence is a big topic today. It has the potential to become a major instrument of change in the history of mankind, and to some extent, it is already becoming one. The twelve-hour program marathon will feature more than twenty presentations and nearly three dozen invited experts with different perspectives on the benefits, threats, and challenges that AI brings us in our working and everyday lives. It most certainly applies to you. Register today!

The day-long conference dedicated to AI and robotics has taken its final shape thanks to the cooperation with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the use of EU funds by Peter Kmec. It is he who, together with Maria Bielik from KINIT, will be the guest of the opening 1on2 interview on the topic Where is Artificial Intelligence Going?. The moderator Ľubomír Straka, will take the baton for this and several other presentations. In the next 1on1 interview, Peter Pellegrini, President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, will talk with Martin Spano, an expert on artificial intelligence, about what opportunities and threats modern technologies can bring to Slovakia and what we as a country should do to make the best use of the AI wave.

Inspirations not only for Slovakia will be brought by the performances of invited foreign guests. The keynote speaker of the conference will be Walter Pasquarelli, a world-renowned consultant, speaker and expert on AI strategies. In his presentation Business in the Age of Generative AI, he will reveal new insights into the question of whether artificial intelligence is a threat or an opportunity. Walter Pasquarelli has worked for brands such as Google, Meta and Microsoft, has been quoted by media such as The Economist, Forbes, Der Tagesspiel and others, has advised institutions such as the European Parliament and NATO, and was the first recipient of the Prospect Public Policy Award from the University of Cambridge and an AI Policy Fellow from the University of Bath. An equally attractive guest will be Franz Bailom, founder and CEO of two thriving global businesses - in-manas (Intelligent Management Solutions) and IMP (Innovative Management Partner). The respected expert in strategic planning and innovation will speak in the Artificial Intelligence Tools session. Also worthy of respect and attention is Joong-Hae Suh from the Korea Development Institute, who will bring to Slovakia experience from South Korea - the most modern industry in the world and the process of its digitalization. Xiaolu Hou, who is currently working at STU in Bratislava round off the 4 foreign guests.

It is impossible to list all the guests and topics that will be presented at the March ITAPA AI & Robotics. The questions of interest to the professional and lay public are: what will life be like in the future?, what is waiting for us in the next few years?, what shift will occur in the ideas of building a new virtual space?, will we be able to live a full life in it? and many more. The answers will be provided by the presentations Life in the Future - Future Technologies - AI and Metaverse, Trends in Artificial Intelligence, New Technologies, New Opportunities, etc. Several presentations and discussions will be devoted to cyber security in the AI world, AI success stories from Slovakia or the role of AI and robotics in the creative industries and education.

ITAPA AI & Robotics is, like all events organized under the ITAPA, a unique opportunity to master future changes. It offers the chance to hear and meet top opinion leaders from Slovakia and the world in a well-constructed mix of the useful and the enjoyable. In feedback surveys, participants have long rated it as an ideal platform for presenting solutions and offers to potential clients and networking with key stakeholders and decision-makers. The mission of ITAPA conferences is to inspire change.

Register and help yourself, your business, your community and your entire company do things better, faster and more innovatively.

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