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Is Moore's law reaching a dead end? What about computers of tomorrow?

Given Moore's Law has been the engine driving the breakneck pace at which computers have advanced over the past 50 years this statement might seem worrying…

Moore’s Law is the prediction made by Gordon Moore of Intel in 1965 stating that the number of components (i.e. transistors) on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. This law has driven the entire semiconductor industry and the clock cycle of all downstream computer and electronics industries for the last half century. However, in recent years, as every computer enthusiast knows, we have seen a few changes. First of all, data center power consumption problem essentially means the end of Gordon Moore’s famous prediction.

The chip guru, Rado Danilak from Tachyum knows how to approach this problem and how to unlock the improvements in the performance plateau. It’s a complex yet interesting problem that affects both hardware and software. And that’s where Tachyum’s cloud chip innovation is coming into play. The ITAPA 2018 International Congress will host one of the innovation leaders from Tachyum, Peter Dovhun, who will explain why the massive growth in the world of computers and data centers is no longer sustainable. At some point, data center growth will hit the power wall, slowing and or perhaps even stopping advancement and evolution of the cloud. And that’s where Tachyum’s revolutionary chips take place.

Join us and learn more about the potential of new technologies at ITAPA 2018 International Congress.

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