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Interview with Martin Kloocka from Quest sofware company

With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of software development and 10 years at Quest Software, Martin Kloock is leading the R&D department for the Platform Management Business Unit at Quest as Vice President of Engineering.

Martin was born and obtained his master’s in electrical engineering in Germany but soon moved to Silicon Valley in the early 2000s in the post-dot-com bubble days. With this international background, Martin embraced working with international teams in many countries worldwide. For the last few years, Slovakia has been one of his focus areas for finding R&D talent among other locations in North America, South America, and India. Being a European native, Martin enjoys every opportunity to work with the team in Slovakia.

With the ever-growing importance of cybersecurity, the Platform Management group at Quest is at the epicenter of this rapidly evolving landscape, providing our customers with the necessary products, innovation, and guidance to protect and secure their environments.

Martin, why has Quest identified Slovakia as such an important location?

While there are obviously many locations with R&D talent worldwide, Quest has established its footprint within Slovakia with two key acquisitions: Metalogix and Quadrotech. We quickly realized our excellent talent, existing expertise in our product space, and the ability and willingness to work and learn as part of a truly international team. With our sizeable footprint in Slovakia, we are able to provide a mix of a local Slovak team culture that is also part of a larger international team.

With many existing relationships here, countless visits, and our ability to find new team members, we truly appreciate our presence here. We are also able to provide office and remote job opportunities.

Martin, what are Quest’s plans for Slovakia?

We are continuing to invest in Slovakia with many open positions that we are actively recruiting for. Our team members have been able to contribute to growing and even new innovative products and we will continue to grow. Now is an excellent time to join our team and be part of our future success.

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