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Hot trends: Quantum computing

Along with blockchain and virtual reality, Quantum computing is considered to be one of the top three technological trends of 2019. It is a futuristic technology that has the potential to solve today's problems and it could present significant shift in computing capabilities as opposed to conventional computers.

Quantum computers are still far from being used in a normal life, yet they are already being considered in machine learning today. QC as a service (QCaaS) is preferred model for organizations that want to explore quantum computing capabilities. The Gartner consulting company estimates quantum computing market will double between 2017 and 2024.

The idea of Quantum computers sparkled in the head of Nobel Prize winner for physics Richard Feynman in 1982. QC should store information about individual particles (later named qubit) that comply with the rules of quantum mechanics. It's important to realize that quantum computers are not faster and better versions of the computers we use today. It is unlikely that we will use quantum versions of smartphones and notebooks in our daily lives one day. Their advantage lies, however, somewhere else. While classic computer works with certainty, digitizing the world into clearly defined numbers, Quantum computers operate with all the possibilities and constantly calculate the probabilities of different scenarios. The quantum computer is programmed to work with all the options, select the few most likely ones, and then provide information about all the other possible options. It is important to let the computer work until it provides a result so that other inputs and information do not affect it.

How could quantum computers be utilized? Let’s take banking sector as an example. Bank could theoretically use Quantum computers to offer the best option to its customers. It wouldn’t provide information on the account balance, but it could estimate how much money would remain in customer’s account in, say, a year, considering the probability of termination, the financial behavior of his children, and financial market movements.

Thus, Quantum computers have the potential to radically change multiple industries. Their use is mainly seen in simulations, optimization and sample selection. First QC applications are expected in the next five years in material science and optimization.

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