Estonian web portal for local governments

The Estonian government launched a new portal in February 2011 that aims to increase the transparency of local governments and expand citizen participation.

The service portal is based on an open source content management tool which allows for easy and uniform site administration. The developed solution includes a standard website structure for local governments, tools for site administration and built-in interfacing with public registers.
This new web solution is beneficial to both site administrators and citizens who use local government services, as it offers a simple and efficient channel for carrying out various activities. Connections to public registers and pre-completed forms facilitate the use of the services.

Viiratsi Rural Municipality was the first to launch a pilot project at The other local governments in Estonia have been able to use the portal since March 2011, after the testing period ended. All local governments can design and modify the website by using the themed sections supplied with the solution, thus permitting each government to maintain a unique website.

The development of this portal was funded by EU Structural Funds.


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